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Serpom Buddhist Education Development: (SBED)

Serpom Buddhist Education Development is the most important department of Serpom Monastery, since ours is the seat for learning Buddhist philosophy. SBED’s primary responsibility is overseeing the monastery’s religious education. The papers for debate, writing exams as well as the proceeding of oral exam are prepared by SBED. Based on mark students obtained in the yearly exams, they are given awards. Upon completing the monastic studies, SBED issues certificates or degree in accordance with marks the students obtained.


Serpom Buddhist Education Development
Serpom Monastic University
P.O. Bylakuppe 571104,
District Mysuru, Karnataka, INDIA


Phone : + 91 8223 258114


Serpom Thoesam Norling School

Established in 2008, Serpom Thoesam Norling School is a primary school, and it aims to impart modern education to young monks before they begin the traditional Buddhist studies.

We have 230 students aged between 6 and 12. They are from  Tibet, Nepal, and Sikkim state of India. The students are studying Tibetan literature, English, science, maths, social science, and Tibetan calligraphy. After the completion of the elementary education, they join the studies of the Five Main Texts for Geshe Degree.

STNS has eight teachers who teach the above subjects. In addition there are four religious teachers who teach and monitor during the session of memorization and recitation of scriptures. Each student has his own guardian teacher who takes responsibility of their wellbeing.

The school is open six days a week. Tuesday is weekly holiday.

A Student’s Daily Routine

Timings Schedule
06.00 Morning prayer session together with the monks of Serpom Monastery where breakfast is provided.
07.15 After the prayer session ends, student does house cleaning and begin to memorize scriptures.
08.45 Morning assembly
09.00 First Class begins
10.00 15-minute break
11.00 End of morning school session
11.00 – 01.30 Lunch Break
01.30 Afternoon school session
03.00 15 minutes recess
04.00 End of school session
04.00- 05.00 Free time. Students fetch drinking water for their teacher and take bath
05: 00 Dinner
06.00 Scripture recitation session
07.00 10-minute break
08.30 End of scripture recitation session. Student return to their houses
08.30 – 09.00 Free time
09.00 – 10.30 Recitation of memorized religious text under the guidance of one’s own guardian-teacher
10.30 Bedtime

Ours is a non-profit, charitable school. In order to smoothly run the school we welcome donation from philanthropies and well-wishers. You may donate towards our school maintenance fund or the current project of buying a public address system.

School Maintenance Fund

  • Teachers salary for one year: US $ 5400
  • Textbooks and educational aids for one year: US $ 2750
  • Classroom Maintenance, electricity expenses, fuel expenses for power generator :           US$2300
  • Sponsorship of a child for one year: US $ 300

New Projects

  • Public address system (Amplifier, Sound Mixer, Speaker System, Microphone): US $ 1350

You may also donate new or used books suitable for a primary school’s education level.

If you are interested in making a contribution, you may contact us at the below mentioned address.

Postal Address  :

Serpom School
Managed by Serpom Education Society (SES)
Serpom Monastery, P.O.Bylakuppe 571104
Mysuru District, Karnataka State,  India

Phone:  + 91 8223 258881

Email: serpomschool@gmail.com,

Serpom Library


Serpom library has almost complete set of Buddhist texts which are indispensable for the monastic religious syllabus. The library also has books in English and Tibetan languages. Apart from books, it also has a good collection  of CDs and DVDs recordings of Dharma teachings in Tibetan language of eminent Buddhist masters and scholars. It is open from 8:30 a.m to  11 a.m, and from 2:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day except Tuesday. Venerable Tripon Rinpoche heads Serpom Library. The library’s staff members type and print rare Buddhist texts. The library fulfills the needs of Dharma textbooks of the monks in monastery.

Address :
Serpom library
Serpom Monastic University
P.O. Bylakuppe 571104,
District Mysuru, Karnataka, INDIA

Phone : + 91 8223 258889

Email : serpomlibrary@gmail.com

Serpom Health Point


Established in 2008, Serpom Health Point provides primary medical care free of charge, which has been very helpful for the all the monks. It has two health workers. SHP has plan to expand in order to offer better medical care and more medical facilities.

Address :
Serpom Health Point
Serpom Monastic University
P.O. Bylakuppe 571104,
District Mysuru, Karnataka, INDIA


Serpom Clothes & Tailor


Tailoring Centre is an important unit of the monastery. The objective of starting this unit is to cater to the needs of monk robe of our monks for which they usually have to travel to a nearby town and pay stiff charges, and the need of stitching clothing of the statues and other temple paraphernalia such as canopy for throne, banner, and decorative wall hanging for pillars.

If you are interested in offering monk robes to the Sangha, the Tailoring Centre has cloth ready and undertakes stitching of the robes. Please contact the head of Tailoring Centre or the monastery’s office.

Serpom clothes & tailor
Serpom Monastic University
P.O. Bylakuppe 571104,
District Mysuru, Karnataka, INDIA

Phone : +91 7795947755