Food Fund


Since its inception, the monastery has been providing daily meal to more than 500 monks. Most of the monks are refugees from Tibet. There are monks from Himalayan regions also. The monks are depended on the  monastery for their livelihood as they have no resources to support themselves. We request our well-wishers and philanthropists to participate in the food fund program to enable us to continue providing food for the monks for years.

The Benefits of Offering Food to Monks According to Buddhist Scriptures.

The Sangha is the field for the accumulation of merit, so giving food to them is very beneficial. In Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, Je Phabongkha said that whatever you do to an ordinary monk is the same as doing it to Maitreya or Manjushri. He further stated that if you think that your recitation of taking refuge is for the Sangha of Ten Directions, but not for particular monks, you would have to write new verse for taking refuge, which is indeed impossible.

  • Geshe Tonpa didn’t tread on a piece of yellow cloth left on the way; he picked it up and moved it to a neat place. That a Maha sidda or a great adept would pay respect to a piece of cloth belonging to a monk implies that monks deserve much respect because, according to Lord Buddha, they are the ones who preserve and maintain Buddhism.
  • In Sutra of Guatam, it is said that offering food to Sangha members creates abundant merit and fortune. Also, if you provide food continuously to monks, your merit will accrue, even during sleep or leisure activities.
  • While Buddha was in Kushambhina, he was paid a visit by Kulche. Offering prostration to Lord Buddha, Kulche  asked: “Are there abundant benefits and greater effects on account of offering to monks? ” “Yes there are,” replied Lord Buddha, The fortune accumulated through giving food is of immense effect, benefit, and dignity. Those who possessed such fortune will definitely increase their merit every moment, whether or not they are asleep or at leisure.”

In the past, the monastery has relied solely on unsolicited offerings and has not engaged in fundraising. Given the difficulties, we request you to participate in the food fund program so that we are able to continue to provide food for our monks for years. According your convenience, you may sponsor one day, two days, one month, two months or one year’s food expenses. However, there is no fixed amount to be donated. We will also gratefully accept donation of Rs 100. The Sangha pray for purification of deceased sponsors’ negative karma  and the fulfillment of noble wishes of all living sponsors.

Following is daily cost of basic food in Indian rupees and their equivalent in US dollar:

1. Breakfast cost : Rs 8 per day per monk

2. Lunch cost : Rs 12 per day per monk

3. Dinner cost : Rs 11 per  day per monk

Basic breakfast: Sweet Bread (A type of bread in the monastery) and butter tea.

Basic lunch: Rice, Dal and butter  tea.

Basic dinner: Bhaley (Tibetan bread) and soupy vegetables.

  • Total one day basic meal cost is Rs 31 per monk. For 573 monks: Indian rupees 17,763.00 per day. US$ 273.27
  • Daily three time basic meals per monk costs Rs: 17,763.00. For 573 monks, Indian rupees 532,860.00 per month. US$ 8197.84
  • Monthly cost of providing basic meals to all the monks is Indian rupees 532,860.00. For one year: Indian rupees 6,394,320.00 per year. US$ 98,374.15

Note: Exchange Rate: 65 Rupees per one US Dollar as on June 2016.

For further details, please contact the monastery’s administrative office.