Born in Tibet in 1948, Kyabje Yongya Dorjechang was recognized as the fourth reincarnation of its line by H.H. Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang. At the age of six he was enthroned at Sera-mey monastery. In 1959 he left Tibet and settled in south India.

Rinpoche studied the Five Major Texts of Buddhism for more than 20 years and received his Geshe Lharampa degree in the year 1980. Rinpoche then completed all his tantric studies at Gyu-mey Tantric University in south India. Rinpoche has received numerous Dharma transmissions and initiations from H.H. Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang, Kyabje Ling Rinpoche, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche and other eminent lamas.

Kyabje Dorjechang taught extensively in the monastery for about 14 years and gave teachings and empowerments in Tibet. To fulfill spiritual aspiration of a number of people, Rinpoche visited to many countries including Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan, and made great contribution in the spread of preservation of Buddhism.Kyabje Dorjechang also heads Lamrim International Dharma Center in the USA.

Acting Abbot


Venerable Geshe Jampa Khetsun was born to Yali family in Kham Chating province of Tibet. At the age of 11, he was admitted in a primary school. In 1983 he left Tibet and joined Sera-mey monastery in India where he studied the Five Major Buddhist Texts. As a result of his thorough studies of Perfection of Wisdom text, Geshe-la received the first rank of Rigchung degree.

His spiritual masters asked him to start teaching in 1993. Since then he has been teaching to number of students. After the completion of the Five Main Texts in 1994, he partook in the Geshe Lhamram examinations for six years and was conferred Geshe Lharampa degree 1999. Though Geshe la was qualified to join Gyutoe Tantric Collage for further studies, he was barred from joining on account of being a Dorje Shugden devotee.

He has received teachings, transmissions and empowerments from Maha Pandita Jetsun Yeshe Wangchug, Khensur Losang Ngodup Rinpoche and many others masters.

For the sake of preservation of Buddha Dharma , venerable Geshe-la has been continuing his teachings to hundreds of students since 1993. We hold venerable Geshe-la in high esteem for his selfless service and as a scholar of Buddhist philosophy. Currently Geshe la is acting abbot of Serpom Monastery.


Venerable Geshe Lobsang Younten  takes responsibility of monastic discipline.

Chanting Master

Venerable Khedup Thokme leads every prayers and pujas in the Monastery.

Chief Administrators : The administrators manage monastic affairs and supervise the managers and branches.

Director : Venerable Geshe Geltsen Sopa

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General Secretary : Venerable Geshe Lobsang Rinchen

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Deputy Director: Venerable Geshe Ngawang Gyaltsen

Mob: 9880228992

Deputy Director: Venerable Geshe Lobsang Rabga

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Office Secretary: : Mr Dhondup Tsering,